CR Protect

The CR Protect plans are optional add-ons that limit your liability in the case of a covered event causing damage of products on your rental. Simply, if a covered event occurs to equipment protected by a CR Protect plan, your liability is limited to 20% of the Repair cost.

How the CR Protect Works
CR Protect can be added at checkout gives you peace of mind and protects you from liability for unintentional damage to the rental item after paying a deductible. If you do not purchase a CR Protect, you will be responsible for 100% of the cost to repair or replacement of the item and a loss of use fee. If you do purchase CR Protect and an item is damaged, you only pay a deductible of 20% of the repair fee.

What We Consider Damage
Minor scratches or scuffs on the exterior of the equipment are considered ordinary wear and tear and will not result in damage assessments. We’re really reasonable about wear and tear- after all we’re photographers too! Anything more severe than this will be considered damage. The return of dirty equipment may be subject to a cleaning fee which will be assessed on a case by case basis. Please make sure to return items in the same condition as you received them. 

What’s Covered
Most unintentional damage to the item is covered under this optional CR Protect policy. 

What’s not Covered
Lost or stolen items are not covered, neither is major water damage. Also, any sub-parts in your rental are not covered including lens hoods, battery chargers, front and rear caps, cables, etc. If you lose and/or damage these items, you will need to pay for them to be replaced even if you purchased the CR Protect. The CR Protect is for the main item only. Also, your photographer’s or business insurance might cover items and/or situations that our policies do not cover — please check with your insurance agent regarding this before your rental begins.